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Business Services

a. Travel

Step 1.  Seek approval from your immediate supervisor.
Step 2.  Send email approval from Dr. Soyeon Shim ( to
Contact Norton School business office for school policies and updates  For more info, see Appendix 2.

b. Reimbursements
Contact Norton School business office for school policies and University procedures

c. Proposals/Grants

Step 1. Contact the Norton School business office FIRST when considering a Proposal or Grant.
Step 2. Allow a minimum of 1 week and preferably 2 weeks prior to grant submission for routing your proposal through the university.

For the most current and up-to-date information regarding the University of Arizona policy and procedures see

d. Time Reporting/Approval Procedure

    Send an email requesting approval for excused absences (furlough, vacation, or sick leave) to your immediate supervisor prior to the time requested for leave

e. Vacation, Sick and Administrative leaves

All employees are encouraged to take vacations throughout the year and required to report all vacation hours accurately. If you have any questions about your or your employees’ request for vacation or vacation balance contact Paige Jacobson  If you feel you cannot take vacation because your duties cannot be covered, please talk to your immediate supervisor to resolve this issue

Regular Classified Staff

The vacation accrual rate for full-time classified staff is:
•    First 2 years = 11 days per year
•    3rd and 4th years = 16 days per year
•    5th year = 22 days per year
Vacation hours are accrued on a pay period basis. If the employee is less than full-time, the accrual rate is prorated

Appointed Personnel and Faculty

Faculty members on academic-year appointments are not eligible for vacation leave. Should you need personal leave during the academic year, you may seek special approval from the School Director.

Contact Paige Jacobson ( or 621.7142) or Gina McCann ( 621.5801) with questions

All other positions
Contact Paige Jacobson ( or 621.7142) or Gina McCann ( 621.5801) with questions

Sick Leave
Regular Classified Staff
Appointed Personnel
Contact Paige Jacobson ( or 621.7142) or Gina McCann ( 621.5801) with questions

Administrative Leave
There are several types of administrative absence, some paid and some unpaid. These include days for bereavement, professional development, jury duty/material witness/victim service, university-designated emergencies, voting and sabbatical.  
Contact Paige Jacobson ( or 621.7142) or Gina McCann ( or 621.5801) with questions

University Holidays

The University of Arizona normally designates ten holidays each year and typically include:
•    New Year’s Day
•    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
•    Memorial Day
•    Independence Day
•    Labor Day
•    Veterans’ Day
•    Thanksgiving Day
•    Day after Thanksgiving
•    Christmas Day
•    One ‘floating’ holiday (during University closure)

f. University Winter Closure

The University of Arizona’s President has established a period during which the University is officially closed, usually between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Employees are to consult with their supervisor(s) to discuss work and paid/unpaid time arrangements during University Winter Closure. See Appendix 3

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