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Norton Advisory Board

Founded in 2008, the Norton Advisory Board of 20+ members represent a uniquely diverse and dedicated group of university supporters. On one hand, they include “old Arizona” families: John Norton’s father and Pamela Turbeville’s grandfather knew one another back in the territorial days. On the other hand, the board includes “new Arizona” represented by SAP.

Some of the board members were engaged during the building of McClelland Park, while others have developed their ties to the School since that time. The board is also diverse in terms of their histories and motivations to support the Norton School: The board includes alumni, parents of current and alumni students, family members, community leaders, and partners from business and industry. And although many are from Arizona, the board is geographically diverse and includes members from beyond the Tucson / Phoenix areas in Arizona, as well as from around the country (California, Texas, and New York).

All of the members of the board give not only financially, but, they are a working and engaged board. They give their time, professional and personal contacts and connections, and expertise and skill to creating a stronger School.

Norton Advisory Board - Fall 2016

Kelly Bauer
Denise Bina
Jim Davis
Ellen Goldsberry
Mike Hall
Mary Hall
Charlotte Harris
Jana Hawley
William Kapfer
Cheryl Keithly
Randi Levine
Norman McClelland
Bam Mitchell
Doris Norton   
Pat Raskob
 Debra Rodriguez
Jane Rojas
Beth Stern
Joan Sweeney
Pamela J Turbeville
Tammy Underwood
Jon Underwood
Tom Warne
Whitney Wilkening
Peggy Withers

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