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Retailing and Consumer Sciences

Who is RCSC?  What makes us unique?

Retailing and Consumer Sciences (RCSC) is an Academic Program of the John and Doris Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences. Our mission is to provide world-class education on the business of retailing by integrating excellent instruction with cutting-edge research on consumer behavior and retail management. We aspire to be the program of choice globally among the few institutions that offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees focused exclusively on the study of consumers and the business of retailing.

Where are we located?

The RCSC Academic Program is part of the Norton School, which resides in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at The University of Arizona. RCSC faculty offices are on the 4th floor of the McClelland Park building.

Who are our partners?

To provide well-qualified graduates for the retailing industry, the RCSC Academic Program supports the efforts of the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing to:

  • develop the leadership and professional skills of our RCSC students through involvement in student organizations and other extracurricular activities
  • expose RCSC students to industry leaders through classroom speaking engagements and other sponsored events 
  • nurture relationships with and seek feedback from college recruiters and our alumni in the retailing industry so that we can continually review and revise our curriculum to meet their changing talent needs.

In an effort to develop a global reputation for excellence in consumer behavior and retail management research, the RCSC Academic Program is committed to:

  1. Growing our Consumers, Environment, and Sustainability Initiative by partnering with academic, community, government, and industry constituents to secure resources for teaching, research, and outreach programs on sustainable consumption
  2. Exploring and securing resources for applied consumer research with industry partners
  3. Expanding our reputation for expertise in consumer financial decision-making by supporting the teaching, research, and outreach programs of the Take Charge America Institute for Financial Education

Explore our website and learn more about the many exciting things that we are engaged in.

For more information on supporting the RCSC Academic Program, please contact Dr. Angela Taylor, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Programs and Student Services, Norton School







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