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Norton School aims to teach future dads more than how-to

A  Norton School course has hundreds of college students learning what being a father really means for men and women. Read more »

A Bad Day Can Ruin a Good Relationship

Norton School Alum and Researcher Casey Totenhagen featured in Prevention magazine.  When you're having a particularly grueling day, you may feel less committed to your partner compared to Read more »

The Developmental Course of Romantic Relationships

This multidisciplinary text highlights the development of romantic relationships, from initiation to commitment or demise, by highlighting the historical context, current research and theory, and d Read more »

Study: Good deeds go unnoticed by your significant other

Gentlemen, don't take this as a clue to never take the trash out again, but, you may find that your good deeds go unnoticed on days your significant other is stressed out. Read more »

Congratulations to Jim Hunt on his new CALS position

Congratulations to Jim Hunt (currently Senior Lecturer in the Norton School) who has accepted a new position as Coordinator of Distance, Online and Global Programs in CALS, Career and Academic Serv Read more »

Congratulations Joyce Serido!

Congratulations to Joyce Serido who has accepted some new responsibilities and a new title as Assistant Director of the Take Charge America Institute. Read more »

Norton School Alum and Researcher in Cosmo - The things we do for love

When your boyfriend’s had a bad day, you can feel a little saintly sacrificing your The Voice -watching hour (hello, Ricky Martin) to cook dinner – especially when it’s his turn. Read more »

Reframing Teen Pregnancy

At the same time, we may not realize that researchers have long questioned the statistics that suggest that teenage pregnancy is the cause of societal ills, frequently pointing out that the so-call Read more »

Good Days, Bad Days: When Should You Make Sacrifices in a Relationship?

A pile of dirty dishes looms in the kitchen. It's your spouse's night to wash, but you know he or she has had a long day so you grab a sponge and step up to the plate. Read more »

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