Driving Forces as Selected by Experienced Futurists
-- a university of arizona course on methods and approaches for studying the future

You can gain some perspective on different people's views by looking at what they consider the most important driving forces.

Listing of Driving Force choices
Listing by person/group selecting

Be careful looking this over, there are a lot of choices. For example, once you select a driving force, you can then find a person that has indicated an interest in that driving force, and by selecting that person in the list, you will see a full listing of all driving forces chosen by the person. You can do the same thing in reverse - select the person first.

Review a short definition of driving forces.

Note: a primary reference for much of this material is Coates, Joseph and Jennifer Jarratt. What Futurists Believe, A World Future Society Book, Published by Lamond in 1989. 340 pages.

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Prepared by Roger L. Caldwell