Peter Drucker
-- a university of arizona course on methods and approaches for studying the future

Biography:  Professor of Social Sciences and Claremont Graduate School (California). Widely traveled consultant and prolific writer of business books with futures orientation relative to the changing times. Born in Austria in 1909. Formal degree in Law, number of honorary doctorates.

Comments by rlc: Widely experienced and respected in many disciplines, reputation for having vision and the ability to translate that understanding into the language of the day.

Worldview: organizations within society are created, grow, decline, and disappear. Managerial styles must change as the organization changes and the conditions which caused the change become evident to more people.

Driving force views
Compare with others on views:
Time horizon and relative optimism
Global and sociotechnical orientation

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Note: a primary reference for much of this material is Coates, Joseph and Jennifer Jarratt. What Futurists Believe, A World Future Society Book, Published by Lamond in 1989. 340 pages.

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