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Ninety percent of the students in the University of Arizona’s Race Track Industry Program gain immediate employment upon graduation; the program was developed in direct response to a need for college-educated employees with business skills and an in-depth knowledge of all areas of the field.

Thirty-two years ago a need arose in the racing industry for employees who were college educated, with business skills and a more in-depth knowledge of all areas of the field. To help raise the quality of the industry and the education of its employees, the University of Arizona developed the Race Track Industry Program, one of the only such programs in the country.

What has been done?
The Race Track Industry Program (RTIP) was established at the University of Arizona in 1974, primarily through the efforts of three industry leaders. The current advisory council, composed of racing industry leaders, directs and supports the program by identifying long range needs of the industry that can be met by the Race Track Industry Program. The bachelor of science degree program in Agriculture, with a Race Track Industry Program Option, includes an overview of the racing industry, and courses in race track management and marketing, animal care and management, and legal issues/racing laws. The 2005/2006 academic year marks the first time a non-thesis masters degree has been available within the RTIP business-based curriculum.

Students choose an emphasis in Business or Animal Management. The business path is structured for students planning careers in management, marketing or regulation. The animal management path is for students interested in training, sales, the breeding industry, or farm management. Each year qualified upperclassmen are placed as student interns within a broad spectrum of North American and foreign racing, breeding and racing-related organizations. Students also participate in the program's annual Symposium on Racing, held each December since 1974. Students organize and manage this event, where they have the opportunity to meet and interact with many of the pari-mutuel industry's best-known and respected leaders. The RTIP conducts an accreditation program for officials who oversee racing (stewards and judges) throughout the country.

The demand for RTIP graduates continues as reflected by the 90 percent who gain employment in the racing industry immediately upon graduation. Graduates hold positions of chief executive officer, chief financial officer, general manager, mutuel director, simulcast coordinator, director of marketing, editor, executive director, steward, judge, racing secretary and trainer at tracks across North America and the world.

The minium impact of the annual student-run Symposium on Racing and its more than 900 attendees on the local Tucson economy is $2.8 million, according to a recent study.

“The University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program provided the great education, internship opportunities and the professional contacts that launched my career in the Standardbred industry.” –Administrator, Maryland Standardbred Race Fund

“I got a job in racing immediately after I'd finished my course work. Most of my classmates had the same experience.” –Director of Communications, National Thoroughbred Racing Association.

RTIP Department sponsors Annual Symposium on Racing
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