Canyon 2 (C2)

Description of Site: This site is across the lake and to the North of the marina. It is where the riverine zone starts to open into the lake proper and is most representative of the transitional zone.
GPS Coordinates: 330 33.11 N   1110 25 .78 W


Physico-chemical Parameters
Time Depth (m) Temp (C) pH SpCond Salinity (ppt) D.O. (% sat) D.O. (mg/l) Turbidity (NTU's)
814:27 -0.2 26.16 8.72 1499 0.8 95.4 7.68 0.0

Depth (m) Ammonia (mg/l) Nitrate (mg/l) TKN (mg/l) Ortho P (mg/l) Total P (mg/l) Sulfate (mg/l) Chloride (mg/l)
-0.2 ND ND ND ND ND 61.9 383

Depth (m) Dissolved Fe (mg/l) Dissolved Mn (mg/l) Total Fe (mg/l) Total Mn (mg/l) Silica (mg/l)  TSS Chl a (mg/m3) Pheophytin a (mg/m3)
-0.2 0.012 ND 0.031 ND 15.9 ND 1.504 0.848

Secchi Depth: pending

   Results from 6/20/00