Salt River @ Water Users Rec. Area

Description of Site: The closest to the tailwaters of Stewart Mtn. Dam, this site is the most representative of water conditions immediately leaving the Salt River reservoir system.

Flow: 425 cfs

Physico-chemical Parameters
Time Turbidity (NTU's) Temp (C) DO (ppm) DO (% sat.) pH TDS Ammonia (mg/l) Nitrate (mg/l) Ortho-P (mg/l) Sulfate (mg/l) Dissolved Fe (mg/l) Dissolved Mn (mg/l) Chloride (mg/l)
0950 3 24.7 6.03 72.2 7.5 900 0.18 ND ND 61.7 ND 0.015 387

TSS (mg/l) Silica (mg/l) TKN(mg/l) Total P (mg/l) Total Fe (mg/l) Total Mn (mg/l) CDOM (mg/m3) Chl a (mg/m3) Pheophytin a (mg/m3)
ND 16.6 1 0.19 0.057 0.06 0.772 0.476 0.356

Division Genus Units/mL
Chrysophyta Fragilaria 160

Division Genus Units/cm2
Chlorophyta Ulothrix 22,809
Chlorophyta Cloniophora 5132
Chlorophyta Gongrosira 880
Chlorophyta Cladophora 52,009
Chrysophyta Cocconeis 31,554
Chrysophyta Fragilaria 13,252

Aquatic Macro-invertebrates (presence/absence)
Order Family Genus
Megaloptera Corydalidae Corydalus

  Results from 7/17/00