Verde River at Sheep Bridge (V1)

Description of Site: This site is approximately 8 river miles above Horseshoe Lake. It is the uppermost site sampled along the Verde River and is unaffected by any reservoir processes.

Flow 214 cfs


Physico-chemical Parameters
Time Turbidity (NTU's) Temp (C) DO (ppm) DO (% sat.) pH TDS Ammonia (mg/l) Nitrate (mg/l) Ortho-P (mg/l) Sulfate (mg/l) Dissolved Fe (mg/l) Dissolved Mn (mg/l) Chloride (mg/l)
1555 22 29.2 7.73 100.8 8.4 350 ND ND ND 93.4 0.04 ND 31.1

TSS (mg/l) Silica (mg/l) Total N (mg/l) Total P (mg/l) Total Fe (mg/l) Total Mn (mg/l) CDOM Chl a (mg/m3) Pheophytin a (mg/m3)
7 24.8 1.0 0.11 0.98 0.033 0.332 0.892 0.536

Division Genus Units/ml
Chlorophyta Microspora 160
Chrysophyta Melosira 80
Chrysophtya Cymbella 160
Euglenophyta Trachelomonas 160

Division Genus Units/cm2
Cyanophyta Lyngbya 8612
Chrysophyta Cladophora 46,118
Chrysophyta Monocilia 773
Chlorophyta Leptosira 1304
Chrysophyta Cymbella 82,314
Chrysophyta Fragilaria 26,001
Chrysophyta Acnanthes 15,807
Chrysophyta Pinnularia 3426
Chrysophyta Navicula 18,080
Chrysophyta Epithemia 7107
Chrysophyta Melosira 24,398
Chrysophyta Gomphonema 18,821

Aquatic Macro-Invertebrates (Presence/Absence)
Order Family Genus
Ephemeroptera Heptageniidae Heptagenia
Ephemeroptera Baetidae Baetis
Plecoptera Acroneuriinae Acroneuria
Odonata Aeshnidae Oplonaeschna
Odonata Coenagrionidae Apanisagrion
Odonata Coenagrionidae Argia
Trichopetra Glossosomatidae Culoptila

  Results from 6/12/00