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Friday July 17, 2015
  • 10:30 Maintaining your Health while Gardening with Lee Ann Aronson Learn how to prevent injury to your back and knees while maintaining good health with three special types of gardening.
  • 11:45 Watering Basics and Irrigation through the Summer with Jim Oravetz How to preserve good plant health, reduce waste and lower water bills with the appropriate watering schedule for Summer and every season.
  • 1:00 Citrus Care with Dave Haase What you can do today to sustain your winter yield. The best success practices to apply to citrus all year round: selection, watering, fertilizing, and pest management. Handout included.
  • 2:15 Preparing for the Fall with Beth Rohlfs How minimal Summer yard work can give you that beautiful landscape for the fall. Topics will include fertilizing, pruning, watering for trees, shrubs, lawns, cactus, and plant times for specific plants.

Saturday July 18, 2015
  • 10:30 Creating a Successful Raised Garden with Don Sutton What is a raised garden and why are they so popular? Come find out everything you need to know, when, and why.
  • 11:45 Watering Basics and Irrigation through the Summer with Jim Oravetz (See Friday)
  • 1:00 Saving your Trees from the Monsoon Season with Cathy Rymer Just in time for monsoon season, join Master Gardener and ISA certified arborist, Cathy Rymer, on how to avoid common mistakes that contribute to tree failure in storms.
  • 2:15 The Many Benefits of Collecting Rainwater with Paul Holdeman Learn how to capture rainwater and use the latest technology. Take part in water reclamation and re-use – even people who live in HOAs.
  • 3:30 Cool Off with Ponding with Paul Holdeman What better place to garden in our Phoenix heat than knee-deep in water! Learn the right way to care for your living pond or stream, and your fishies will thank you.

Sunday July 19, 2015
  • 10:30 The Basics of Composting with Pam Perry Composting recycles nutrients and yard waste bringing the garden full cycle. Learn the basics of backyard composting, how to reduce contribution to the waste stream and create the ultimate "black gold" soil gardeners dream of.
  • 11:45 Watering Basics and Irrigation through the Summer with Jim Oravetz (See Friday)
  • 1:00 What do Vegetable Gardeners do in the Summertime with Pam Perry How spending a little time on just a few chores during the summer months reaps the benefits of monsoon planting in October. Gardens will have soil and compost ready for starting those wonderful fall veggies. Pam will be sharing her short summer "to do list!"
  • 2:15 Summer Lawn Care with Sharon Dewey Learn how to have a lawn that is the "green envy" of your neighborhood. Tips include: water conservation, how to fertilize, mow, and when to dethatch. Includes a monthly Turf Tip Guide handout and "Watering by the Numbers."

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10 am - 6 pm in Booth 2104

Spring 2016
Master Gardener Training Class

Tuesdays, January 12, 2016 - May 10, 2016
Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location: To Be Determined
Email Program Coordinator to be put on the waiting list for alerts about this class.

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