[AG] Pruning Chilean Mesquite

Linda A. Guy laguy2@primenet.com
Thu, 06 Jan 2000 08:59:19 -0700

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Linda Guy
Master Gardener

Pacsmith@att.net wrote:

> arid_gardener
> One year ago we planted a 15-gallon chilean mesquite. It is thriving.
> Last summer my husband lightly trimmed it. He now wants to trim the top and
> outward branches, which are getting long. We are not experts at trimming, and I don't want to hurt the tree's ultimate shape, or trim it during the wrong time of year. Is it OK to trim the top branches? What is a good
> resource for learning the basics of pruning this type of tree. Our book at
> home is not really helpful.
> Thanks for your assistance.
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