[AG] Re: Converting lawn to desert landscape

Sue Bass sjbass@uswest.net
Sun, 18 Jun 2000 14:01:33 -0700

The time to begin to remove bermuda grass is now, during its active
growing season.  Please know that this is a major project.  Bermuda
grass will not go down willingly or without a fight! :>).  I'd like to
refer you to a couple of questions and answers in our archives about
this subject.  To view these, go to
The first message is from fellow Master Gardener, Linda Guy regarding
how she converted an area to a garden.  If you visit the next message
(you will see a prompt that reads "Next Message" and it will be entitled
Replacing/Removing Bermuda Grass.  These two messages may give you some
ideas as to the hows and what is involved.  The traditional method is to
chemically kill the grass using an herbicide like Roundup, which takes a
lot of persistance.  You also have to be sure to remove all of the
rhizomes or it will come back.  Feel free to browse through the
archives, this is a common question.

Sue Bass
Master Gardener
tblanton@concentric.com wrote:

> arid_gardener
> thank you for this site.  i want to convert my grass
> front yard into desert.  what do i do?  i have some shrubs
> along the house and one palm tree, but i have 49 X 25 sq.ft
> of bermeuda grass.  do i chemically kill it, do i have someone
> dig it out before the rock, do i use plastic
> as a barrier to prevent weeds?  can you help me.  thanx, tom blanton
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