[AG] Mint

Linda A. Guy laguy2@primenet.com
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 09:11:32 -0700

Mints can be invasive, so I generally plant them withing 5-gal or larger
containers, bottoms cut out, and buried in the ground. This has an additional
advantage of retaining more moisture as these are herbs that appreciate more
water and afternoon shade than other types of herbs of the mediterranean
persuasion (rosemary, oregano, etc.). Mine are planted within  the shade canopy
of an acacia where they do ok. If its shade were more filtered and less dense, I
think they'd do better; some times they look a little leggy due to lack of sun
if I don't keep the tree pruned.

Linda Guy
Master Gardener

GOODLILBUD@aol.com wrote:

> arid_gardener
> Has anyone tried to grow peppermint outside here in AZ?  If so, how can I do
> it without killing the plant?
> Thanks.
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