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My experience is the leaves on the cutting must be kept green and alive
until the roots.form.  At this time of the year with the low humidity it is
somewhat difficult.  One way is misting as Jean recommended.  Another is to
create a mini greenhouse by placing a canning jar over the cutting - this
should be removed occasionally to let it air out to prevent molds.  I have
also heard one can use clear plastic baggies.  I've never tried that but it
seems it should work.   I would also apply a rooting hormone like Rootone
available at garden centers.

Air layering is an other method which is nearly 100 per cent successful for
propagating oleanders.  The method is described briefly at
and in more detail at


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> According to "Secrets of Plant Propagation" by Lewis Hill.  :
> Softwood cuttings taken in the summer root well in water or rooting
> under mist,  The top should be pinched off soon after rooting to
encourage a
> bushy growth habit.
> Cut off a 4-6 inch cutting with a razor or sharp knife.  Remove most of
> leaves and any flowers or flowering buds.  Be sure to not allow it to dry
> before planting it. Treat it with a rooting hormone.  Make a hole in the
> rooting media with a pencil and insert the cutting
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