[Arid_gardener] Mesquite tree with yellow leaves

RodMcQ6@aol.com RodMcQ6@aol.com
Wed, 10 Jan 2001 16:40:40 EST

The mesquite is what is called cold deciduous, in that when the weather turns 
cold the tree will drop its leaves. The yellow leaves are caused by improper 
irrigation, too little water too often. Winter time watering for a mesquite 
should be deep watering every one to two months. If you change and you should 
for the health of the tree, you must gradually change because the shallow 
watering that you have been doing means that the roots are also shallow. You 
want to encourage the roots to go deep away from the hot summer surface, and 
to be able to keep the tree upright during heavy winds.
    Check out this website on irrigation:    

Good luck.
Rod McKusick
Master Gardener and Arborist