[Arid_gardener] Bamboo

RkBetu@aol.com RkBetu@aol.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 18:03:34 EDT

  I have a 15-yr old thick stand of a common varigated bamboo (is most often 
seen in AZ, don't know scientific name) that everyone is impressed with. I 
started it from a few culms and it is now about 15' x 15' by about 12' high. 
It had a bit of shade, not much 15 years ago! It is a runner, but not 
invasive in this climate (you have to dig up the ground around it to get it 
to spread). It takes very minimal water - once a month or less, but does 
require at least a yearly "cleaning". I have had fair luck since this first 
planting in transplanting new sprouts (under 6" is best) in early spring. It 
will grow very slowly the first 1-3 years (as to spreading) and seems to do 
best in partial shade with at least weekly watering.
  I also have a nigra (phyllostachys) about 7 years old. It has done well, 
but has not gained maximum height that it can in a more suitable climate, and 
has not spread very fast. It is in partial to full shade most of the day.
  My newest, just a couple of years old, is B. Alphonse Karr, also doing 
quite well. It seems to require the most water and is in partial shade. 
  I have not had any luck with any of the timber bamboos, Oldhami, or Budda's 
  Hope this helps, I too love bamboo!