[Arid_gardener] Yellow Bell Seed Pods

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Mon, 10 Sep 2001 11:38:10 -0700

No reason not to remove the seed pods but don't let the pods drop to the
ground because new plants will start from the seeds.  It is pretty difficult
to prune to a decent looking bush but it looks just fine if you let it grow.
You could selectively cut off the taller canes near ground level, then you
will get new shoots at the pruning cut to help fill in the lower part of
plant. But if you prune at the tip, you will just get new growth near the
pruning cut and the lower part of the canes do not fill in.  The plant is
semi-deciduous and I would expect January to be the best time for pruning
but we just pruned any time it got in our way and it did not seem to hurt
it - pretty sturdy stuff.

We started a 150-foot long hedge of Arizona yellow bells (Tecoma stans, var
'augustata' ) for a screen back in 1983 and finally took it out last year
and replaced it with a concrete block wall.  I apparently did not remove all
of the roots because it still keeps coming back.  There were also many new
plants that came up from seed.  The plant grows to about 10-12 feet if you
let it grow.  There is a taller (looks like about 20 feet) variety (Tecoma
stans, var 'stans') That was pretty common 20-30 years ago but most of the
one sees now are 'augustata' so I would assume that is what you have.  The
leaves on 'stans' are 1-2 inches wide, 'augustata' leaves are narrower.

There is also a cultivar called 'Golden Jubilee' (trademarked name).  The
plant and leaves look like 'augustata' but the pods have few seeds and I
have never been able to get the seeds to geminate so I assume the seeds are
probably sterile.

Olin Miller

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> ... Is there any reason to leave the pods on the plants or can I snip them
all off?  How do I go about pruning the plants to make bushes out of them?
When should they be pruned?