[Arid_gardener] Lilacs in the desert

Alan Zelhart rpcs30@email.sps.mot.com
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 13:48:14 -0700

Actually there are parts of southern Arizona where the lilac does quite well.
I have seen it in bloom in Tombstone, and from talking to the lady who grows
it, it grows very well there.  I suspect the climate is different than even
Tucson, as it is at a higher elevation.

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Linda Drew wrote:

> The "traditional" lilacs need more chilling
> than we have in southern Arizona. Here are responses
> from a similar question:
> response 1:
> Maybe what your friend is referring to is the Hardenbergia Legumiosae (aka
> vine lilac). It's a wisteria climber from Australia that looks like lilac.
> I likes some shade but does very well here.
> Also, there's Buddleia Davidii (aka butterfly bush) which also looks a
> little like lilac. It does well out here; mine and my friend's are in an
> area where there's some summertime shade.
> Both are easy to get in nurseries. I don't know if these are for sale in
> the summer; I bought mine in the spring.
> Maybe there is some other "lilac" out there; but these are the ones that I
> know about.
> Ursula from Peoria
> -------------------
> response 2:
> I believe the plant you seek is a buddleia, either b. alternifolia or b.
> davidii, the latter is fragrant. They are also known as
> 'butterfly bush' so expect more than a few to visit your yard. These are
> low-water use plants and I understand that they perform so much
> better than certain strains of the traditional lilac that can grow in
> certain local conditions [cooler corners of yard, eg] and with a
> lot of water.
> Linda Guy
> Master Gardener
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> >Are there any type of lilac bushes that will grow in desert area?
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