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Sun, 17 Feb 2002 14:11:05 +0000

A quick web search found these:


"The American Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers was equally 
impressed with two new giant zinnia series, descended from Z. elegans: Blue 
Point (Benary's Giant) and Oklahoma. These fully-double flowers exhibit 
bright, uniform colors, sturdy stems with mildew-resistant foliage, and a 
long vase life. Blue Point zinnias are truly giants (to 4"), forming 5" 
blossoms on sturdy stems.; Oklahoma (3") is very mildew- resistant, with 2" 

"In spite of their enthusiastic growth habit, the Peruvian zinnias did not 
attract butterflies. Blue Point Formula Mix and 'Royal Purple' [a Blue Point 
zinnia from Park Seed] have been the most popular zinnias in Leece's garden. 
In particular, the big purple flowers are a magnet for fritillaries, 
American Painted Ladies and Eastern Tiger Swallowtails. Moderately 
attractive zinnias include giant cactus-flowered, 'Sunbow Mix' and Z. 
angustifolia 'Crystal White'. Leece has found that 'Envy', scabious-flowered 
and (to her surprise) Z. haageana 'Persian Carpet' have not attracted 
visiting butterflies."

Linda Drew
Master Gardener

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>were can I purchase blue point zinna seed.
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