[Arid_gardener] Leaf Curl on Orange Trees

Linda Guy lindaguy@qwest.net
Sat, 16 Mar 2002 15:39:17 -0700

The way you decribe the leaves makes me think of thrips.
Damage is cosmetic and the culprit has usually come and gone by the time you
notice the characteristic curled leaves.

We have several online means to help you diagnose problems. First is the monthly
timely tips column: if you had scanned the March column for issues with
leaves,you would have been led to the above site.

Another great website is UA's Urban Integrated Pest Management
They also discuss thrips at http://ag.arizona.edu/urbanipm/insects/thrips.html

Sometimes its hard to know why some trees are hit and others aren't. If you
don't believe that thrips are your problem after perusing this, let us know and
we'll continue troubleshooting.

Linda Guy, MG

Wayne_Hanne wrote:

> I have a grapefruit, tangelo and orange tree in a grouping.  The leaves on
> the orange tree are curling up into a roll and the tree is losing its
> leaves.  About half of the leaves are not gone.  All trees are on the same
> watering system and the other fruit trees are very healthy.  Can anyone help
> with this problem?
> Wayne Mangold
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