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    3. Water Harvest at UA building model for campus and community

    Students building an innovative water harvesting project at The University of Arizona will unveiled their work at a ceremony on in August at the UA Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (AME) Building. The event was sponsored by PARASOL, a campus resource conservation club, the UA soil, water and environmental science department (SWES) and UA Facilities Management.

    AME is located on the northeast corner of Speedway Boulevard and Mountain Avenue.

    The project highlights the research of students and showcases the potential of water harvesting techniques and potential savings for the overall water budget of the university and the city of Tucson. The students also are making their case to create a new, upper-division and graduate level class in water harvesting in SWES, in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

    According to an EPA study conducted by researchers at the UA, as much as 74 percent of Tucson's current water needs could be met through harvesting rainwater. While harvesting all of Tucson's rainfall is not a realistic goal, water harvesting nonetheless has tremendous potential for reducing the city's dependence on groundwater pumping and CAP water.

    Student project leaders Chester F. Phillips and Emilie Brill Duisberg, along with James Riley, an associate professor in soil, water and environmental science, spoke on the importance of water harvesting in urban desert environments, where droughts are routine and aquifers are increasingly depleted.

    Other presenters offered their vision of the university as a learning laboratory for appropriate technologies and the sustainable use of water and energy. They was also a discussion of the need for the UA to take the lead in Tucson on resource use issues.

    For more information, contact Chet Phillips, 670-9048, or Emilie Brill Duisberg, 975-7643, - Updated: August 23, 2006

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