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    12. Water Managers to Discuss Strategies in Prescott

    As every Arizona water manager knows water issues in the state area varied, complex and interrelated. Guided by this premise a conference has been scheduled to bring together many who are involved in state water affairs, to share their expertise and experiences in an effort to identify what does and does not work in managing Arizona’s water resources, especially at the local level.

    Those participating in the conference include officials and representatives from various geographic and demographic areas of the state — urban, rural and areas in between — who are involved in water affairs in varied capacities, including representatives of different levels of government — local, state, federal and tribal — along with members of the private sector.

    Sessions include a panel discussion of watershed planning efforts underway in different areas of the state. Another panel will evaluate effective strategies for dealing with watershed issues. Also a panel will address water issues of importance to areas not included within watersheds. The government agencies’ perspective on water issues will be presented in another panel.

    A state officials panel will review the legislative agenda with regards to water issues, commenting on what was and was not accomplished along with speculating on possible future legislative priorities. This session will provide the political perspective on current and emerging water issues confronting the state, what they are and what to do about them.

    Jonas Minton, deputy director of the California of Water Resources, is Thursday’s keynote speaker. His talk is titled, “No Need to Reinvent the Flat Tire — Learning From What’s Working and What Hasn’t Worked.” Arizona Department of Water Resources Director Herb Guenther is Thursday’s luncheon keynote speaker. He will speak on “Droughts, Floods and Other Water Events.”

    Friday’s keynote speaker is Robert Glennon, author of the widely acclaimed book, “Water Follies: The Impact of Groundwater Pumping on the Environment of the United States," and published by the University of Arizona Press.

    The conference, “Local Approaches to Resolving Water Resource Issues – What’s Working, What Hasn’t Worked and Building on Existing Efforts,” will be conducted in Prescott May 1-2, and hosted by the University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center.

    For more information about the conference contact Terry Sprouse, WRRC, 520-792-9591, x13; email: or check the WRRC website at

    - Updated: March 28, 2003

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