Members of our research group

    Our research group germinated in January 2005 and now includes high school interns, undergraduates, graduate students, technical
    support staff, and visiting researchers from around the world. If you'd like to learn more about volunteer positions, independent study
    opportunities, or graduate assistantships in our group (and/or in the Mycological Herbarium), please contact Betsy Arnold.

    This is our group as of fall 2013.

Dr. Betsy Arnold

Principal investigator
PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona (2002)

Ecology, evolution, and systematics of fungal endophytes;
evolution of symbioses

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Betsy Arnold
Postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Jana U'Ren

Postdoctoral researcher
PhD, Plant Pathology, University of Arizona (2011)

Diversity, distributions, molecular phylogenetics, and genomics of
symbiotic fungi

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Jana U'Ren

Dr. Naupaka Zimmerman

Postdoctoral researcher
PhD, Ecology, Stanford University (2013)

Biogeography, fungi-host interactions, and comparative genomics
of foliar fungi

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Naupaka Zimmerman
Graduate students

Kayla Arendt

MS student, Plant Pathology (co-advised by David Baltrus)

Diversity and phenotypic effects of endohyphal bacteria
associated with foliar endophytes

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Kayla Arendt
Yu-Ling Huang

PhD student, Plant Sciences

Plant-fungal coevolution

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Yu-Ling Huang
Chantelle Khambholja

MS student, Plant Pathology

Fungal communities associated with
aquatic invertebrates

Chantelle Khambholja

Gavin Lehr

MS student, General Biology
Biology instructor, Sahuarita High School

Fungal communities associated with
invasive plants
Gavin Lehr

Justin Shaffer

PhD student, Plant Pathology (co-advised by David Baltrus)

Diversity and ecological effects of endohyphal bacteria
associated with tropical seed-associated fungi; fungal ecology

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Justin Shaffer
Undergraduate researchers and assistants

Celine Bui

Undergraduate research assistant

Fungal ecology and microbiology
Celine Bui
James Devore

Undergraduate research assistant

Tropical seed-associated fungi

James Devore
Kayla Garcia

Undergraduate; REU fellow

Tropical fungal ecology and endohyphal bacteria

Kayla Garcia

Thomas Gleason

Undergraduate researcher

Diversity of boreal endophytes
Thomas Gleason
Anyang Ndobegang

Undergraduate research assistant

Fungal ecology and microbiology

Anyang Ndobegang

Jorge Ramos

Undergraduate researcher

Tropical endophytic fungi
Jorge Ramos

Wes MacDonald

Undergraduate researcher

Fungal genomics and ecology of fungi
associated with cactus spines
Wes MacDonald

Former graduate students (lab alumni)
     Dr. Michele Hoffman, Plant Pathology, PhD: graduated 5/2010 - postdoctoral fellow, USDA
     Dr. Jana U'Ren, Plant Pathology, PhD: graduated 12/2011 - postdoctoral fellow, School of Plant Sciences, University of Arizona
     Dr. Mariana del Olmo Ruiz, PhD, Plant Pathology: graduated 8/2012 - postdoctoral fellow, Institute for Ecology, UNAM (Mexico)
     Dr. Ellen Martinson, PhD: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: graduated 12/2012 - postdoctoral fellow, University of Rochester
     Dr. Mary Jane Epps, PhD: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: graduated 12/2012 - postdocoral fellow, North Carolina State University

     Mr. Dustin Sandberg, MS: graduated 5/2013 - biological technician, USDA/APHIS

Interns, trainees, and visitors from other institutions
2013, Erin Spear, University of Utah
     2013, Julian Gonzales III, Ramiro Garza, Kevin Thompson -- University of Texas, Pan-American

     2013, Carolina Sarmiento, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
     2013, Dr. Camilo Zalamea, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
     2012, Adriana Corrales, University of Illinois
     2012, Julien Ponchart, Universite Laval
     2012, Peter Cerda, University of Texas Pan American
     2012, Edelio Bazan, University of Texas Pan American
     2011, 2012, Brittany Peña, University of Texas Pan American
     2010-2011, Ochana Otto ('Otto'), Tucson High Magnet School
     2010-2013, Wes MacDonald, MacDonald Home School
     2010, Rowena Dolino, teacher at Tsehootsooi Middle School, Navajo Nation (AZ START program)
     2010, Jim Uomoto, teacher at Pueblo High Magnet School, Tucson (AZ START program)
     2010-2011, Frankie Orozco, student at Tucson High Magnet School, Tucson (Pima County)
     2010, Abby Cochrane, student at Catalina Foothills High Magnet School, Tucson (NSF)
     2010, Jessica Bolaños, SENACyT Panama
     2010, Seth Kauppinen, UC Berkeley
     2010, Sarah Higginbotham, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
     2010-2011, Sheri Steidl, Yavapai Community College (NSF)
     2009, Rowena Dolino, teacher at Tsehootsooi Middle School, Navajo Nation (AZ START program)
     2009, Catherina Caballero-George, SENACyT Panama
     2009, Magaly de Chial, Universidad de Panama
     2008-2011, Demetra Kandalepas, Louisana State University
     2008, Steve Uyeda, teacher at Sunnyside High School and instructor at Pima Community College (AZ START program)
     2008, Alex (JJ) Delgado, first-year student at Pima Community College (Arizona Biology Network)
     2006-2007, Cheyenne Weeks-Galindo, Pima Community College (tropical seed-associated fungi) (Arizona Biology Network)
     2006, Courtney Kluger, Duke University (tropical seed-associated fungi) (NSF REU)
     2005, 2007, Mary Shimabukuro, Dine College (fungal endophytes of ponderosa pine) (Arizona Biology Network)

Other lab alumni
     Cole Steen, in graduate school
     Nick Massimo, in graduate school
     Thao Truong, in pharmacy school
     Jakob Riddle, in graduate school
     Nandi Devan, employed in ecology and conservation biology
     Brett Baxter, employed in medical field
     Chan Jung, applying to medical school
     Jamie Moy, in graduate school
     Courtney Klopper, off to graduate school
     Brittany Wohl, privately employed
     Syed Ali Raza, off to medical school
     Janka Vanova, off to pharmacy school
     Emily Hendershot, graduated
     Patrick Campbell, off to pharmacy school
     Barbara Beauchamp, teaching science in economically challenged schools
     Barney Gilley, applying to graduate programs
     Abby Cochrane, high school a UA undergraduate
     Darren Stensrud, off to IonTorrents
     Andrea Woodard, applying to graduate programs
     Max Xiong, now an undergrad at the University of Chicago
     Phornpoj Intarakamhang, applying to graduate programs
     Erica Untch, teaching near Tucson
     Doug Mahana, off to graduate school at NYU
     Jamal Alafifi, in graduate school
     Yujin (Youchin) Huh, off to pharmacy school
     Chan Maketon, off to graduate school
     Dylan Grippi, off to the MS program at Emory...and the Ph.D. program at Georga Tech
     Cara Gibson (honorary lab member), entomologist with NEON

     Rachel Gallery (honorary lab member) microbiologist with NEON
     Lindsay Higgins, graduate student in the Department of Biology, University of Utah
     Linh Huynh, off to pharmacy school
     Ming-Min (Ming) Lee...earned a MS in the Department of Entomology, UA, and now is a lab manager in that department
     Elan Snitkin, Tucson High School, now an undergraduate at Pima Community College
     Rebecca Porter, St. Gregory High School, now an undergraduate at Duke University
     Julia Maddison, University High School, now an undergraduate at the University of British Columbia
     Vanessa Chicharello, now an intern at the USDA, Washington, DC
     Lindsay Cook, currently an undergraduate at the UA
     Anita Bhakta, currently an undergraduate at the UA
     Kiona Brown, currently a senior at Tucson High School
     Jason Ong, applying to graduate programs
     Ben Wilder, in graduate school
     Felicia Quintana, Hilary Brown, Melissa Kohmetscher, Patricia Espiritu

Volunteers, Diné College project
     2006: Amanda Way, Liang Shen, Kelly Farrell (Duke University) and Claire Heinitz (UA).
     2007: Rebecca Porter (Duke University), Mariana del Olmo R., Fabiola Santos R., and Christine Coursodon (UA)
     ...and thanks to Ming-Min Lee, Julia Maddison, Michele Hoffman, and Jana U'Ren for help with this project throughout its duration!

Students conducting lab rotations
     Yu-Ling Huang (ABBS): effects of wildfire on fungal endophytes
     Mana Ohkura (PLP): diversity of endophytes and endohyphal bacteria from the Navajo Nation
     Simon Stump (EEB): Fungal communities associated with Erodium cicutarium, an invasive plant in SE Arizona

     Amritha Wickramage (PLP): diversity and specificity of fungi from the Chuska Mountains, Navajo Nation
     David Jarvis (PLS/IGERT in Genomics): evolution of ecological modes in the Ascomycota
     Jana U'Ren (PLS/IGERT in Genomics): evolutionary origins of tropical seed-associated fungi
     Mary Jane Epps (EEB): diversity and ecological roles of nectar-inhabiting microbes
     Mariana del Olmo Ruiz (PLP): estimating diversity of tropical foliar endophytes.
     Libby Landeen (EEB): endolichenic bacteria.
     Michele Hoffman (PLP): endophytes of Cupressaceae