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"" Holy inhibition, Batman! Michele enjoys work (or is it play?) in the Arnold lab, checking out fungal interactions while being watched closely by our attendant burro. (2005)
"" Contributing to the War on Terror – Betsy in the field, combating enemy solvents in Las Cruces, Costa Rica while serving as visiting faculty with the Organization for Tropical Studies (2005).
"" Michele among the Mutinus – Baton Rouge, LA (2006). Mutinus and Clathrus were fruiting like crazy during Deep Hypha. What stinky fun!
"" Science fair adventure – Tucson, AZ (2006). Ming, Dylan, Michele, and Betsy (photographer) visited the Southern Arizona Regional Science Fair to view Elan Snitkin’s project. Elan won first place in his division!

Endophytes rock! Supermodel shows off new apparel designed and implemented by our high school intern, Elan Snitkin (Spring, 2006).

"" Diné College – Betsy, four undergraduate volunteers (Amanda Way, Liang Shen, Claire Heinitz, and Kelly Farrell), and Diné College students and staff have a great field day checking out the flora and potential study sites in the Chuska Mountains, northeastern Arizona (Navajo Nation) (2006). See Dine College Project for more information.
"" Celebrate good times – come on! – Ming celebrates the arrival of Speedy Towing, which picked us up somewhere between Tsaile and Chinle, Arizona following the impressive death of the Honda. We love you, Speedy!
"" Viva la vaca! Diné College volunteers Amanda, Liang, Claire, and Kelly love the local fauna almost as much as they love endophytic fungi (2006).
"" Endophyte joy! Amanda begins an interpretive dance, witnessed by Darren Wagner, regarding her boundless enthusiasm for water vouchers (2006).
"" Viva Panama! – Michele, Courtney, Julia, and Cheyenne enjoying lowland tropical forest at Barro Colorado Island during our three-week Panama expedition (2006). See CTFS and Cecropia Seed-Associated Fungi for more information.
"" Vamos a la playa! Michele and Cheyenne enjoy tropical breezes while looking for saprophytic fungi in the fronds of our cabana on the bay of Panama (2006).
"" Lifeskills 101 – Self-appointed lifeskills coach Courtney gives Michele a few more useful pointers on…everything…while enjoying the scenery in Casco Viejo (Panama).
Little sweet Betsy – In case you’re wondering just what she's like. (Sessile? Green? Full of fungi?)
"" Turf grass fieldtrip – Betsy and REU student Courtney Kluger check out evidence for grass endophytes at Tucson Electric Park, home of the AAA Tucson Sidewinders. Tucson, AZ (2006).
"" It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a giant hawkmoth!– Mary Jane pretends to be a Manduca as she checks out the nectar, and its microbes, in yet another ethereal flower of Datura wrightii (2006).
"" Buffelgrass beware!– Fabiola, Mariana, and Betsy teamed up against buffelgrass in the Tucson Mountains (October 2006). Las mujeres más fuertes!
"" Podaxis poderoso!– Summer rains brought out the desert's inner fungi. MJ provides scale for an awesome Podaxis along the Rillito River (2006).
"" Speak softly; carry big metal pry bars.– A lovely December morning for Michele, Eric, Jana, and Betsy...and a bad day for buffelgrass on the slopes above Gates Pass (2006).
Science fair fiesta – Dylan, Betsy, and Jana checked out high school student Kiona Brown's project on antimicrobial activity of endolichenic fungi at the Southern Arizona Science and Engineering Fair. Kiona won second place in her division! (2007)
Why work on one computer when one can work on two? – Michele shows off her multi-tasking skills.
Demetra's in the house...and also in the hood – Honorary lab member Demetra extracts DNA with a smile.
Painting the town red ...or staining for celluase activity – Dustin and Frankie in the lab.
MJ brightens up our day on our lab retreat to Iron Springs – spreading the Arnold lab doctrine that banjos rule.
Midsummer rain – Betsy and Jana conducting field surveys near Highlands Biological Station, North Carolina.
MJ and a box of love – Beetle love, that is.
Fungi conquer all – Group atop Flat Rock during our lab retreat to Iron Springs.
Off to the red rock country – Fabiola, Rebecca, Christine, and Mariana head to the Navajo Nation.
Celebrating after prelims, Louisiana Style -- Demetra out on the bayou.
Not in Kansas anymore...nor in Arizona. Fieldwork in Alaska. Yay!!
A long and not-very-winding road
hiking back toward Nome, AK after fieldwork in the coastal tundra.
Jana in the field...enjoying a lovely June day north of Fairbanks.
...and Jana in the office...enjoying a lovely memory of that day north of Fairbanks.
Fabiola, Mariana, and the sun after Tucson's Race for the Cure.
Dustin stalks the wild jojoba in the White Tank Mountains, west of Phoenix.
Out for pizza --
lab group, summer 2010.
Dustin having fun with fungi --
in the lab.
Mariana, Otto and Dustin --
ready for the last day of classes.
Ali shows how fun water vouchers can be --
December, 2010.
Mali agrees with Ali --
water vouchers rule!
Jakob and Otto --
checking plates.
Wes gets ready for fieldwork
...for his science-fair project.
Jamie is a happy mushroom...
I mean, 'Jamie with a happy mushroom.'

More to come!