To prospective graduate students:

Thank you for your interest in my lab! The mentor you choose for graduate school constitutes a very important decision, and I’m honored that you want to learn more about our group, our research interests, and opportunities at the University of Arizona.

As you can see from our web pages, we engage in research in diverse areas: fungal ecology, evolutionary biology, systematics…tropical biology…community ecology…and more. In these efforts, we are driven by our inner curiosity, and graduate students in my lab are characterized by a high degree of self-motivation, attention to quality and detail, and a desire to learn and to share knowledge with others. Students in my lab often play a role as peer-mentors to others, and gain mentorship experience by working with summer interns, REU students, or UA undergraduates. We hold weekly lab meetings and will start an annual retreat in 2007.

My goal as a mentor is to provide students with the tools and support needed to pursue questions that inspire them, and to provide guidance as a means to help students achieve their academic and intellectual goals. Having benefited from several outstanding mentors during my development as a biologist, I take mentoring seriously, and this inherently limits the number of students I can accept: I wish to give each student the personal attention he or she might need to succeed. That said, I believe that a vibrant research program contains a diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds, and personalities. I am always seeking opportunities to help encourage qualified applicants with an interest in joining our lab.

I encourage qualified applicants to apply to the Ph.D. programs in Plant Pathology and Microbiology (PLP), Plant Sciences (PLS), or Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) at the University of Arizona, or to the MS programs in PLP and PLS. Please contact me directly if you are strongly interested in joining my lab. I will enjoy the chance to interact with you.

Betsy Arnold