Teaching and research resources available in the Mycological Herbarium

The Mycological Herbarium staff is working to provide a variety of resources for use in teaching and research at the UA (and other institutions), including images of (identified) fungi, specimens for use in the classroom, historical and recent reprints, and tour opportunities.

Please contact the curator, Dr. Betsy Arnold, with requests for slides, specimens, reprints, or tours.

1. Photographic collection

The Herbarium maintains a collection of over 1200 databased photographic slides for research and teaching, featuring some of the outstanding photography of Drs. Paul Keener and George Cummins. We are in the process of scanning these slides. In the meantime, small numbers may be requested (in digital or hard format) by contacting the curator. To download a searchable spreadsheet of our photographic collection, click here.

2. Teaching collection

We have developed a taxonomically diverse array of specimens suitable for use in undergraduate and graduate courses. The collection includes macro- and microscopic fungi and fungus-like organisms, including several of interest in plant pathology. To download a searchable spreadsheet of our teaching collection, click here.

3. Reprint collection

The Mycological Herbarium is home to an outstanding array of historical and recent reprints, including a variety of hard-to-find papers from the early 1900's and mid- to late-1800's, original species descriptions, and classics of plant pathology and mycology. Our collection includes over 3000 reprints, and we are in the process of databasing these papers so that they will be accessible on request. To download a searchable spreadsheet highlighting 1347 representative papers from our reprint collection, click here.

4. Mycological Herbarium booklist

We offer more than 550 texts on mycology, botany, evolutionary biology, scientific illustration, and more. Books may be used in the Herbarium or checked out with permission of the Curator. To download a searchable spreadsheet of our book collection (current as of 11/2008), click here.

5. Tour opportunities

To schedule a class tour or other experience in the Mycological Herbarium, click here.

This page will be updated frequently as our teaching and research resources continue to grow!