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Car Smart
The educational Car Smart app targets 16- to 21-year-olds who are in the market for a used car.
Ekta Patel
The award recipients represent a range of disciplines, including engineering, linguistics and anthropology. 
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Drawing on years of data and research, startup company HedgeSmart LLC helps commodities traders manage risk.
Morua Estuary
As binational desalination plants are being considered as a strategy to combat water scarcity, scientists delve into the environmental, political and social impacts.
Maria Andrade
The native of Cape Verde Islands, off the coast of West Africa, studied agronomy and plant genetics at the UA and began breeding research with the orange-fleshed sweet potato in 1997.
Joel Cuello (left) with a potato farm operator in Ha'il, Saudi Arabia. (Photo: Ronnie DeGuzman)
The institutions are advancing social agriculture to help farmers achieve economic profitability while promoting environmental sustainability.