Tucson Welcomes International Assistance for Migratory Insect

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monarch butterflies are relatively small insects that participate in one of nature's most impressive migrations, but many scientists and other professionals are concerned about their long-term survival.

The butterflies can travel from their wintering grounds in central Mexico to summer homes in the United States and Canada. However, their descendants eventually return to Mexico to begin the process again.

Supporters say the insects' numbers have been dwindling significantly, and they worry about the butterflies' long-term survival.

Because of this, many people are thankful and supportive of an agreement between Canada, U.S. and Mexico that is establishing a task force to try to help the insects.

View this story from the February 24 episode of Arizona Illustrated episode at the link below. The panel interviewed for the story includes Laura Lopez Hoffman, assistant professor in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment.

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