International Arid Lands Consortium

IALC Capabilities


The following is an excerpt from the report IALC Expertise, Experience, & Collaboration


The members of the IALC are all highly experienced institutions that have worked together across national and cultural borders. As such, the IALC has capabilities that are critical for advancing human development and promoting peace in arid and semiarid areas of the world:

  • Food security, including agricultural and natural resource research and extension
    system design, development and assessment
  • Business management and marketing, especially in agricultural products
  • Energy provision and policy, with focus on renewable energy and rural areas
  • Human resource development including youth development and degree granting graduate and undergraduate programs, special educational courses, and higher educational institutional development related to natural resources and the environment
  • Natural resource management including biodiversity, watershed management, soil resource conservation, eco-tourism and natural resource inventory, and information technology applications for natural resource management
  • Water resource development, conservation and management including water quality for primarily human use, water harvesting and reuse, and water for agriculture irrigation
  • IALC has a large pool of tested expertise from among thousands of faculty, scientists and extension personnel.
  • IALC has demonstrated administrative capability to effectively support international initiatives with a variety of donor institutions.
  • IALC has successfully implemented and managed competitive grants programs.
  • IALC provides a simple and accountable management and authority line for addressing problems and issues that arise in program implementation.
  • IALC is inherently international with three non-US institutional members and is sensitive to the need for collaboration to bring the best that is available in international programs.

Please see the IALC Overview for a more comprehensive list of IALC capabilities.



Last updated: 1 May 2009
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