Agave parryi huachucensis     
Parry's agave   
Agavaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
of the University of Arizona Pima County Cooperative Extension.


Form: clump-forming succulent; rosette of densely arranged leaves; produces offsets
Seasonality: evergreen; dies after blooming
Size: 11/2 to 2ft, spread to 2.5ft
Leaves: gray-green points with toothed margins and large sharp spine on tip; 10-16in long; point on tip is darker, can be tan, brown or black; leaf narrows at base, indentation of previously leaf shows on back of leaves
Flowers: on large stalk held as high as 10-15ft above foliage, branched; pink bud opens to bright yellow flower; bloom in late spring or early summer; stalk persists if not cut down
Fruit: seed
Parry's agave
Agave parryi
Stems/Trunks: n/a
Range/Origin: Southwest Arizona, New Mexico, Northern Mexico
Hardiness: to single digits or 0°F




Agave parryi
aka Parry's huachuca agave

variety 'Truncata" popular

easily confused with many Agave parryi varieties

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