Agave vilmoriniana     
Octopus agave   
Agavaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
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Form: thick-leafed succulent, pointed leaves form basal rosette
Seasonality: evergreen; dies after blooming
Size: 3-4ft, spread 5-6ft; slow growth rate
Leaves: thick succulent points to 3ft long; curvy tropical effect; leaves are recurved and smooth with only small saw-tooth roughness to margins, spineless
Flowers: large spike 10 to 12ft tall, yellow, shaped like an elongated/narrow Q-tip, baby plantlets cling to stalk after mother plant has died; plantlets fall to ground and root
Fruit: none, reproduction by plantlets only
Stems/Trunks: n/a
leaf blade
leaf form of
Agave vilmoriniana
Range/Origin: NW Mexico, desert Southwest
Hardiness: tip damage in mid-teens, damage is persistent and unattractive




Octopus agave
attractive grouping of Agave vilmoriniana
faster growing when given supplemental water

agave in bloom
bloom spike

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