Antigonon leptopus     
Queen's wreath   
Polygonanceae Family     

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Queen's wreath vine
Antigonon leptopus
Form: twining vine, clings and climbs with curled tendrils
Seasonality: deciduous in Tucson, perennial elsewhere
Size: climbs to 30-40ft
Leaves: ovate, heart-shaped and undulate, soft, pronounced veins on underside
Flowers: on branch terminals, reddish or light pink, or white; bloom in fall; blooms are persistent until frost
Fruit: dark seed incased in papery, straw-colored sheath
Stems/Trunks: climbing perennial vine
Range/Origin: Central Mexico and South America, long in use as landscape plant
Hardiness: tip damage at 32°F dies to ground in mid to low twenties


pink flowers
close-up of flowers


underside of leaf
underside detail on
leaf of Antigonon leptopus
aka Coral vine

regrows rapidly in spring

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