Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri'     
Asparagus fern   
Liliaceae Family     

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Form: mounding, spreading or trailing clump with delicate appearance
Seasonality: evergreen perennial
Size: 12-24in, spread to 3ft; rapid growth
Leaves: delicate needlelike leaves, ferny; tiny thorns present despite soft appearance of plant; foliage is bright green or yellow green
Flowers: small waxy white flowers scattered throughout plant; not conspicuous; sporadic blooming
Fruit: small red berries, 1/4in in diameter
Stems/Trunks: green branches, arching or cascading appearance; sprawls
Range/Origin: S. Africa
Hardiness: frozen to ground at 24°F; recovers quickly; better in locations protected from frost

leaf of Asparagus fern
leaf detail



Asparagus fern
Asparagus densiflorus
in a rocky embankment

can be difficult to remove litter if planted in a location where leaf drop accumulates

A. myers 'Foxtail fern' (also called A. densiflorus 'Myers') similar but with plumelike shape to branches, and not as tough in sun

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