Bignonia capreolata      
Cross Vine    
Bignoniaceae Family     

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Trumpet vine (Crossvine)
Bignonia capreolata
Form: climbing vine
Seasonality: evergreen perrenial; leaves sometimes turn red in cold
Size: grows on support; easily to 10ft, sometimes as high as 30ft or more
Leaves: dark green, opposite, compound with 2 leaflets, each leaflet 3-5in long
Flowers: clusters of trumpet-shaped; color varies with cultivar, yellow, orange or red, 3 in long; blooms in spring
Fruit: flat pods to 9in long containing winged seeds
Stems/Trunks: climbing tendrils; stems become woody with age
Range/Origin: woody areas of southeastern N. America
Hardiness: hardy; to low teens at least


trumpet flowers
flower form

Variety 'tangerine beauty' (pictured) has no scent
also known as Tangerine vine

Variety 'Jekyll' has orange flowers and is more cold-tolerant

old latin name Doxantha copreolata

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