Bougainvillea glabra     
Nyctaginaceae Family     

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Bougainvillea glabra
Bougainvillea trained up a trellis
Form: large cascading shrub; can be trained up on trellis (does not cling)
Seasonality: evergreen
Size: to 30ft in locations where it does not freeze; more commonly 10-12ft with spread of 8ft
Leaves: lots of variation in leaf shape: globular, elliptical, obivate, cordate; to 4in long
Flowers: small insignificant flowers surrounded by showy colorful bracts; many varieties of bract available including red, hot pink, purple, yellow, gold, and white; flowers mostly in spring but again in fall in response to day length
Fruit: not significant
Stems/Trunks: slender, arching stem; well-armed with thorns
Range/Origin: South America
Hardiness: frost sensitive; foliage damaged below 32°F


Bougainvillea in bloom
Bougainvillea glabra growing in natural cascading form


pink flowers
colorful bracts and tiny true flower within


variety 'Barbara Karst' is the most popular in, and best suited for, Tucson

hardiness varies with variety ('B. Karst' is more hardy than most)

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