Callistemon viminalis     
Weeping bottlebrush   
Myrtaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
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Form: single or multiple stemmed tree, weeping form
Seasonality: evergreen
Size: 15-20ft tall, most commonly 15ft wide; may reach 30ft in some climates; fast grower
Leaves: linear, to 6in long 1/4in wide; new growth is soft (fuzzy) and reddish turning green with age; stringy look
Flowers: on branch terminals, mass of 6in long red bristle-looking flowers, blooms in late spring to early summer, striking and attractive; flowers last as long as 4 weeks
Fruit: cup-like structure containing seeds
Stems/Trunks: weeping stems, attractive trunk growing gray and fissured with age
Range/Origin: Australia
Hardiness: some tip damage at 15°F

bottlebrush tree
Callistemon viminalis



red flower
typical bloom
prone to chlorisis if overwatered and vegetation will stay yellow
dwarf var. 'Captain Cook' to only 4ft

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