Campsis radicans     
Common trumpet creeper   
Bignoniaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
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Form: stout clinging, climbing vine; without anything to climb a sprawling groundcover
Seasonality: deciduous
Size: can climb 30-40ft up objects; usually not that high in Tucson; rapid growth rate
Leaves: compound, 9-11 serrate leaflets, dark green
Flowers: large, 1-3in bright orange trumpet-shaped flowers in clusters of 6-12 blossoms; bloom in early summer and persists through summer
Fruit: long pods, light tan, pointed on end, dehiscent; seeds within have papery sheath
Stems/Trunks: woody stems, brown bark
Range/Origin: eastern and middle US
dry seed pods
dry seed pods on Campsis radicans
Hardiness: well below 32°F




vines on ground sucker and re-root

maintenance can be a problem if the vine becomes intertwined with the foliage of other plants, especially it can climb up and become invasive in large trees; difficult to eradicate

variety 'Flava' yellow flowers
'Madam Galen' salmon/pink flowers

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