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Cercidium floridum     
Blue palo verde   
Fabaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
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Blue palo verde
Cercidium floridum
Form: low multistemmed tree, rounded crown
Seasonality: deciduous (in drought or cold)
Size: 15-30ft with equal spread; growth rate varies with water supply
Leaves: bipinnately compound, in pairs, about 1/2in long with leaflets of 1/4 to 1/8in; often leafless most of the year
Flowers: bright yellow pea-like blooms cover entire tree; first Cercidium to bloom in spring
Fruit: flat pod, single or multiple seeded; brown bleaching to white with age; 1.5-3in long
Stems/Trunks: normally green, growing more gray or dark and rough with age; tree has overall bluish cast; dense growth; small thorns
Range/Origin: Sonoran and Mohave deserts, Baja California; elevations to 4000ft
Hardiness: mid to low teens


yellow flowers
bright yellow blooms of
Cercidium floridum


first palo verde to bloom in spring
popular for home landscapes
short-lived (20-40 years)
best when staked while young until central leader is established susceptible to wood borers, witches broom and mistletoe; keeping plant vigorous is best preventative measure

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