Cercidium microphyllum     
Foothills Palo Verde    
Fabaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
of the University of Arizona Pima County Cooperative Extension.


Form: low branched tree with interesting irregular shape
tree branches
trunk and branch structure
Seasonality: deciduous
Size: 10-20ft with equal spread; slow growth rate
Leaves: pinnate, very minute leaflets; slow growth rate
Flowers: solitary, pale yellow, blooms in late spring
Fruit: dehiscent pods, ripe in July, tan pods cling to branches
Stems/Trunks: green photosynthetic trunk, smooth bark; dense, twiggy and spiny
Range/Origin: Mohave and Sonoran deserts of Arizona, California, and Baja Mexico; elevations to 4000ft
Hardiness: to 15°F or better


close-up of leaf
leaf form


Palo Verde tree
Cercidium microphyllum in bloom
aka Littleleaf palo verde

slow grower, typically requires 3-4 years to reach 5ft nursery-grown specimens are difficult to locate, large specimens must be salvaged salvaging natural specimens is most successful when done in the hottest time of summer

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