Cupressus arizonica     
Arizona cypress   
Cupressaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
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Form: large loose pyramidal tree, with age more open and round
Seasonality: evergreen
tall cypress tree
Cupressus arizonica at Tohono chul park
Size: 40-50ft with 20ft or greater spread
Leaves: scale, silver or blue; leaf color may vary from parent when grown from seed
Flowers: not significant
Fruit: rounded cone, 1in diameter, persists; looks like soccer ball
Stems/Trunks: bark normally rough, dark; C. glabra has smooth red inner bark
Range/Origin: southwest US above 3000ft
Hardiness: to 0°F



scale type leaf
leaf form of
Cupressus arizonica

does not thrive in Tucson/low desert areas; at the very limit of its elevation range here

C. glabra is confused with cultivars of C. arizonica G. glabra very similar except for bark shedding habit. Some varieties identified as C. arizonica may actually be C. glabra.

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