Cycas revoluta     
Sago palm   
Cycadaceae Family     

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Sago palm
Cycas revoluta
Form: (not a true palm) palm-like fronds on a stalk, trunked with age; resembles fern when young
Seasonality: evergreen
Size: to 10ft, frond spread 3-6ft; extremely slow growth
Leaves: long-lived; 1-2ft long; frond-like with sharp pointed spikes, finely cut; in spiral at top of trunk
Flowers: dioecious; not a flowering plant; reproductive clusters around frond bases
Fruit: cone with seeds on female plants only
Stems/Trunks: tall trunk on old specimens, 8-10in diameter; more fern-like when small; produces offsets at base
Range/Origin: Japan
Hardiness: to single digits; some frond damage at 15-20°F

palm frond
leaf detail


group of Sago palms
grouping of Cycas revoluta

very ancient, gymnosperm type plant
growth is very slow, specimens are expensive

Because of its growth habit, fertilize only when terminal bud begins to swell, indicating the start of the annual growth cycle.

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