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Ebenopsis ebano     
Pithecellobium flexicaule     
Texas ebony   
Fabaceae Family     

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Form: multistemmed low-growing shrub, or single stem specimen tree; attractive dark green foliage
Seasonality: evergreen; partially deciduous in colder zones
Size: 15-30ft with equal spread; slow to moderate growth rate (slow when young, speeds up once established in ground)
Leaves: bipinnately compound, alternate, round leaflets
Flowers: small, creamy white to yellow puffball; fragrant; bloom in late spring
Fruit: dehiscent pod, dark brown, 3-6in long, 1-1.5in wide; pods persistent year round
Stems/Trunks: well-armed with many thorns; gray stems have distinctive zig-zag jointing
tree branch
zig-zag twigs on Ebenopsis ebano
(Pithecellobium flexicaule)
Range/Origin: southern Texas and adjacent Mexico
Hardiness: mid to low teens




Texas ebony tree
Ebenopsis ebano
at the Sonoran Desert Museum
Pithecellobium flexicaule is an old botanical name.
The more current classification is Ebenopsis ebano.

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