Eucalyptus camaldulensis     
Red gum   
Myrtaceae Family     

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Form: massive tree, weeping habit, spreading crown
Red gum
park specimen of Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Seasonality: evergreen
Size: 80-120ft tall, spread 30 to 50ft, fast growth
Leaves: simple, slender, lanceolate, straight or curved, color varies sometimes more silvery than green
Flowers: creamy white or yellow; not ornamental; bloom in early summer
Fruit: pea-like capsule containing tiny (pepper grain sized) seeds
Stems/Trunks: exfoliates bark to reveal distinctive
mottled, multicolored trunk; trunk may be tan, gray or white
Range/Origin: Australia, used throughout desert southwest
Hardiness: mid to high teens


tree trunk
trunk & bark detail


seeds and leaves
seed capsules and leaves

aka Red River Gum

other Eucalyptus are of a more residential size
most common in older areas of Tucson
widely planted world wide

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