Ferocactus wislizenii     
Fishhook barrel cactus    
Cactaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
of the University of Arizona Pima County Cooperative Extension.


Form: cylindrical cactus
Seasonality: evergreen
Size: 2-5ft tall, 8-24in in diameter; rare specimens to 10ft high
Leaves: reddish spines, 2.5in long, from aeroles along ribbed portion of cylinder; stout flat thorn is curved inward; usually 3-4 spines per aerole; spines will be thinner when grown in shade
Flowers: firey orange flowers; 2.5in long; in circle around top of plant (around meristem)
Fishhook barrel cactus
Ferocactus wislizenii
Fruit: yellow pineapple-shaped fleshy fruit; to 2in long; persistent; favorite food of wildlife
Stems/Trunks: usually a single column; rare specimens may be multiple
Range/Origin: Arizona, Texas and northern Mexico
Hardiness: to mid teens



close-up of cactus fruit
fruit on Ferocactus wislizenii

If using specimen salvaged from nature, maintain ordinal orientation of the original position. Also, do not move plant grown in shady condition into full sun.

native all around the Tucson area, as are many other barrel type cactus.

fruit is attractively persistent on plant, unless eaten by wildlife

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