Ficus carica      
Edible fig    
Moraceae Family     

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Edible fig on Ficus carica

Form: low-branching tree; usually single trunked
Seasonality: deciduous
Size: 15-30ft with equal spread
Leaves: simple; 3-5 lobes; 4-10in long and 4-10 wide; rough, they can irritate skin
Flowers: unimportant
Fruit: edible figs; may bear twice per year
Stems/Trunks: thick, knobby, irregular; gray bark
Range/Origin: eastern Mediterranean and western Asia; in cultivation for centuries
Hardiness: hard freezes will cause die-back


Fig tree
Ficus carica
Fig leaf
leaf form


Research by Master Gardener Barbara Schneidau


There are many cultivars.
Can be messy due to fruit drop and bird activity.
Milky sap characteristic of family is poisonous.

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