Fraxinus greggii    
Greg ash   
Oleaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
of the University of Arizona Pima County Cooperative Extension.


Form: multistemmed shrub, or a single or multistemmed small tree
Seasonality: evergreen, but may drop leaves suddenly just before releafing
Size: 15ft, spread 10ft
Leaves: compound, leaflets opposite on pinnae, racine is winged
Flowers: not ornamental
Fruit: winged seed, small
Stems/Trunks: even, light gray; attractive when trained to expose trunk
Range/Origin: west Texas, southern New Mexico, southern Arizona and into northern Mexico; elevations from 1200-6000ft; along washes and slopes
Hardiness: to low teens or better



close-up of leaf
winged racine on
compound leaf of
Fraxinus greggii

When selecting nursery plant, look for a specimen with good stem architecture than can be developed into the desired mature form.

Very similar in form and habit to Fraxinus gooddingii (Goodding ash)

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