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Gaillardia grandiflora      
Blanket flower    
Asteraceae Family     

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Blanket flower bush
Form: rounded shrub
Seasonality: herbaceous perennial
Size: 2-3 ft tall with equal spread; shorter dwarf varieties available
Leaves: simple, linear, dark green
Flowers: daisy-like, up to 4in across, usually red and yellow, color varies with variety; blooms early summer through frost
Fruit: seeds; not significant
Stems/Trunks: stems on taller varieties may become floppy
Range/Origin: cultivated hybrid (see notes)
Hardiness: hardy


flower close-up
Gaillardia grandiflora flower

Research by Master Gardener Toni Moore


Birds love seeds, so do not deadhead if attracting birds is desirable.

Gaillardia grandiflora is a hybrid created by crossing North American wildflowers, probably Gaillardia aristata and Gaillardia pulchella. G. grandiflora differs from the native species by having more desirable garden habits, including a larger, more long-lived flower and a longer blooming period.

Many cultivars are available, expressing different flower colors and overall plant size.

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