Jacaranda mimosifolia      
Bignoniaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
of the University of Arizona Pima County Cooperative Extension.


Jacaranda tree
mature Jacaranda mimosifolia
Form: single or multi-stemmed tree; open canopy, rounded yet irregular
Seasonality: Perennial in moderate climates. In colder regions, can lose leaves for 2-3 months
Size: 5 to 50ft high, spread 15 to 30ft; moderate to rapid growth
Leaves: pinnately compound, fine textured
Flowers: trumpetlike lavender/blue; 2in long by 1.5in long clusters; peak bloom late spring, can bloom anytime when it's warm
Fruit: seeds in woody capsules, flat rounded tip, 2 1/4in across
Stems/Trunks: may have multiple trunks
Hardiness: cold sensitive, hard frost can cause sever die-back; somewhat more cold tolerant with age




blue flowers
flower form
Research by Master Gardeners Pat Perry and Barbara Schneidau


Fallen blossoms hold their color for some time forming a lavender ground blanket.

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