Justicia brandegaeana      
Shrimp plant    
Acanthaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
of the University of Arizona Pima County Cooperative Extension.


coppery bracts
bloom on Justicia brandegaeana

Form: sprawling shrub
Seasonality: evergreen perennial
Size: 3ft high by 4ft wide; fast grower
Leaves: opposite, oval, to 3in long, medium green
Flowers: inconspicuous (small, white, tubular); the noticeable color is actually copper-colored bracts on the ends of branches; bracts overlap in 5in clusters that resemble shrimp
Fruit: seed capsule
Stems/Trunks: stems are brittle; older branches break easily
Range/Origin: Mexico
Hardiness: freezes to ground at 25°F but will recover


Shrimp plant
Justicia brandegaeana

Research by Master Gardener Barbara Schneidau


An old-fashioned landscape plant, not currently much in demand.
Can get rangy

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